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Dec 05 2023 -
Adjustments and corrections

Dear players,

Rare Items will now require the minimum level necessary to activate their Attributes according to each Rarity of Each Tier.
Players who do not meet the level requirement will be able to use the item as if it were a normal item, just without taking advantage of the attributes it has.
Tier 1: Uncommon lvl 10 - Rare lvl 20 - Epic lvl 30 - Legendary lvl 40
Tier 2: Uncommon lvl 50 - Rare lvl 60 - Epic lvl 70 - Legendary lvl 80
Tier 3: Uncommon lvl 90 - Rare lvl 100 - Epic lvl 110 - Legendary lvl 120
Tier 4: Uncommon lvl 130 - Rare lvl 140 - Epic lvl 150 - Legendary lvl 160

Tier-1 items went from dropping 1kk to 500k, so now the current DROP is 10 for every 500K of items!

The Light Scroll will now work correctly with items that also emit some type of Light.

We have improved and corrected the Auto Walk system for higher latencies that was causing the character to have his path interrupted when he bumped into an obstacle.

Nov 24 2023 -
Client Download

Dear players,

A new link to download the Client has now been made available.


Download this new client, you will not lose any saved configurations.

Now follow this procedure: With the Client closed, go to the %appdata% Retronia Online folder and delete the file. Now open the Client again.

If anyone, after following the procedures, needs private help, please open a Ticket: Ticket Discord

Kind regards
Retronia Team

Nov 23 2023 -
Maintaining API Auto Updater files for the Client

With the migration of our new Website still in progress, we are undergoing maintenance to update the Auto Updater API so that the Client can receive future new updates.

Soon we will have this and other situations back to normal.

Kind regards,
Retronia Team´╗┐

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