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May 24 2024 -
Elite Creatures and Bestiary Improvement

Dear players,

Implementation coming from Road Map
Elite Creatures and Bestiary
This update will come in 2 parts, the first being the following:
Elite Creatures: Can no longer be convinced. Your summons will also be Elites of the same level as your Master.   They will no longer run with little health. They will be immune to invisibility. They will have their healing skills buffed to the same amount as the strength corresponding to the level.
Required number of kills for Difficulty 1 and 2 creatures in stages 1, 2 and 3:
Difficulty 1, stage 1: from 1000 to 300.
Difficulty 1, stage 2: from 500 to 1000.
Difficulty 1, stage 3: from 2200 to 2000.

Difficulty 2, stage 1: from 1500 to 500.
Difficulty 2, stage 2: from 1000 to 1500.
Difficulty 2, stage 3: from 4000 to 3000.

Chance of Appearance:
For stage 1:
2% chance of coming Elite 1 (2%)
All Elites will be Elite 1

For stage 2:
66.7% of 2% chance of getting Elite 1 (1.33%)
33.3% of 2% chance of coming Elite 2 (0.67%)
2% chance of becoming Elite and for every three Elite Creatures, two will be Elite 1 and one will be Elite 2.

For stage 3:
60% of 2% chance of coming Elite 1 (1.2%)
30% of 2% chance of coming Elite 2 (0.6%)
10% of 2% chance of coming Elite 3 (0.2%)
2% chance of becoming elite and for every ten elites, six will be Elite 1, three will be Elite 2 and one will be Elite 3.

Note: Approximate count, it is not mandatory for this proportion to always be due to randomness!

Kind regards

May 14 2024 -
Quests Update on Retronia

Dear Players,

With understanding and aiming for economic health, the appreciation and demand for certain items between mid to end game, we decided to restructure what some quests offer into items that were already possible to be obtained from creature loot.
The list of these quests and their rewards will be listed below, to help you reorganize your game strategy.
• Noble Armor Quest: Noble Armor
• Crusader Helmet Quest: 6 Small Diamonds, 2x BP HMM
• Orc Fortress Quest: 10k, Stone Skin Amulet, 8 Small Emeralds
• Circle Room Quest: Nothing - The level door has been removed to become a hunting location
• Naginata Quest: Nothing - The level door has been removed to become a hunting location
• Bright Sword Quest: 8k, 50 Power Bolts, Red Gem
• Black Knight Quest: Nothing, the level door has been removed to become a hunt location
• Deeper Fibula Quest: Elven Amulet, Dwarven Ring, Serpent Sword, 6 Small Diamonds, Time Ring - The level door has been removed to become a hunting location
• Banshee Quest: Boots of Haste, Amulet of Loss, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet
• Fire Axe Quest: Red Spell Wand, Life Ring, BP GFB, BP UH, Paralyze Rune, 2x Soulfire Rune, 4x Fire Bomb Rune, 2x Energy Bomb Rune
• Necromancer Quest: 5k, Blue Spell Wand, 2x BP UH, 2x BP HMM, BP Explosion
• Vampire Shield Quest: Ice Rapier, 2x BP SD
• Behemoth Quest: 30k, Life Ring, 5 Small Diamonds, 5 Small Sapphires, 5 Small Ruby, 100 power bolts
• Demon Helmet Quest: Demon Helmet
• Annihilation Quest: Demon Armor, Magic Sword, Stonecutter Axe, Presente Box (Annihilation Bear) and Thunder Hammer

Guardian Halberd can be looted from Behemoth.
Bright Sword can be looted from Hero.
Dwarven Axe can be looted from Dwarf Guard.
Naginata  can be looted from Barbarian Bloodwalker.
War Hammer will no longer be found freely as a map spawn.
Thunder Hammer has been replaced with another item to be discovered as loot from Orshabaal.

The map will be cleared on Server Save!

Kind regards
Retronia Team

May 10 2024 -
Solidariedade com Rio Grande do Sul

Sensibilizados com a situação atual do estado de Rio Grande do Sul aqui no Brasil, o Retronia reverterá todo o montante de Donates feito por vocês para fundos de ajuda!
Faça parte!

Mar 22 2024 -
New Retronia anti-cheat launcher.

Dear players, 

Our newest anti-cheat system launcher for Retronia Client is now available.

Always aiming to have a server away from cheaters, we are increasingly looking to improve our structure.

With this new Retronia Client Launcher, when downloading, the user will always have the most up-to-date version of our client, without the need to carry out accumulated updates!

Attention: The Retronia Client that is currently in use will be completely discontinued soon.

Download the new Launcher now and start using it as soon as possible! 

Kind regards
Retronia Team

Mar 21 2024 -
Major Retronia update.

Dear Players,
A major Retronia update has arrived! 

- Port Hope
A new continent is ready to welcome explorers and residents, a nostalgic and challenging adventure is waiting for you!


More options for Outfits and Addons, Keychain to store all your keys, Adventurer's tools for practical use, Home Depot and Home Mailbox for your convenience and a wide range of customization options to give your home a new look!