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Mar 22 2024 -
New Retronia anti-cheat launcher.

Dear players, 

Our newest anti-cheat system launcher for Retronia Client is now available.

Always aiming to have a server away from cheaters, we are increasingly looking to improve our structure.

With this new Retronia Client Launcher, when downloading, the user will always have the most up-to-date version of our client, without the need to carry out accumulated updates!

Attention: The Retronia Client that is currently in use will be completely discontinued soon.

Download the new Launcher now and start using it as soon as possible! 

Kind regards
Retronia Team

Mar 21 2024 -
Major Retronia update.

Dear Players,
A major Retronia update has arrived! 

- Port Hope
A new continent is ready to welcome explorers and residents, a nostalgic and challenging adventure is waiting for you!


More options for Outfits and Addons, Keychain to store all your keys, Adventurer's tools for practical use, Home Depot and Home Mailbox for your convenience and a wide range of customization options to give your home a new look!